The rebranding of ekonoke

Whilst we were growing and marketing lettuces and microgreens to local consumers, we were also researching how we could apply what we had learnt to other plant species at risk from climate change. Growing hops indoors provided a gateway to the brewing industry and this opportunity transformed the essence of ekonoke and its way of being in the world. We needed a rebranding and this is how we did it.

Together with our branding company, Plázida, we have been repositioning our brand for the B2B market, changing our tagline, personality attributes, key messages, tone of voice, website and pitch deck for investors.

The new tagline, The Vertical Horizon, evokes a new vision for approaching the reinvention of farming and is born out of two core concepts:

  • The vast scope for the application of vertical farming to crops with high climate risk.
  • The need to farm vertically if we are to feed a growing population on a planet whose man-made mass already exceeds its biomass.

The Vertical Horizon also contains a nod to the farming of hops, whose plants can grow up to 7 meters.

Our DNA is that of catalysts; ekonoke wants to change our current food system. We were born to be part of the solution, combining innovative technologies (AI, robotics, IoT,…) with the latest scientific knowledge (in agronomy, biotechnology, chemistry,…).

We grow more with less in controlled environments, without pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. We offer a truly resilient way of farming, regardless of climate, location, season and time of day without the environmental costs of industrial farming. We are prepared to isolate the risk factors of traditional agriculture: poor soil, lack of nutrients, lack of or excess water and above all climate variability. Our goal is to secure the sustainable agricultural supply chains of the future. We work anticipating the future and solving the present of the brewing industry.

Our values remain unchanged. Sustainability, transparency and integrity are the unwavering pillars that both sustain us and drive our culture. We want to do things that make us feel good, nurturing goodness to attract good karma. If we say we guarantee three quality hop harvests a year, that’s what you’re going to get. We walk the talk. We have nothing to hide.

When our brand was born, Ekonoke’s personality connected with the local conscious consumer. Feminist, positive, sociable, generous, caring, aware, leader, open, activist and good. These are attributes that we do not want to lose, but we also want to highlight the innovative, expert, researcher and developer ekonoke. The one developing a digital platform and applying cutting-edge knowledge and technologies to crops in order to obtain better harvests. The one who talks less but boldly as an expert in crops at risk of climate change.

Our new personality is not only green, optimistic and activist, but also Techknowledgy, adding technology and knowledge.

How is this strategic repositioning of ekonoke reflected in its visual identity? Our Art Director Angel Espinosa, designer of the visual identity, has proposed the following changes to achieve the new perception. Ekonoke keeps its logo with the new tagline, slightly changing its color palette, new typographies, auxiliary graphics and iconography while maintaining a clear link with the previous ekonoke.

And all of this is reflected in this new website created in collaboration with the designer Víctor Cuenca.

We at ekonoke would like to thank the whole team coordinated by Plázida for the quality and care of the work carried out.