We are on a mission
to save the World’s beer

We are pioneering farming sustainable, risk free and climate resilient hops.

Our hops will always be sustainable and climate resilient, bringing you the best locally produced and premium quality hops for your all-natural beers.

In our research center we perfect the growing method for the hop varieties you need and set up an indoor farm to grow them right next to your brewery.

Our “Green Team”
is also a dream team.

Our diverse and multidisciplinary team of scientists and technologists brings our mission to life.

We are building a beautiful mesh of dreams that we hope to share worldwide.

Inés Sagrario

Ana Saez
Chief Operations Officer

Javier Ramiro
Co-Chief Scientific Officer

Antonio Rojas
Co-Chief Scientific Officer

Yolanda Cortes
Chief Financial Officer

Julen Equiza

Andrea Lopez

Carlos Avilés

Melini Karaolani

Marta Ruiz

We work together with our clients, suppliers and investors to go further.

Our commitment is to guarantee hops for generations to come, regardless of climate variability.

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