Ekonoke thrives on the complementary skills and traits of a diverse team.


We are growing!

Ekonoke was born out of the shared dreams of Ana, Antonio, Inés and Javi. But our desire to save the world’s beer, developing the knowledge and technology for hops to be grown sustainably and locally, is a dream that we share with our entire team.

We are sound scientists and technologists but our personality is green, curious, optimistic, activist. We could never let the world run out of its most popular drink. We have fallen in love with hops and want the world to know of all the amazing benefits its essential oils can have in wellness applications and will research it further in the coming years. This is our fight.

Inés Sagrario

Ana Saez
Chief Operations Officer

Javier Ramiro
Co-Chief Scientific Officer

Antonio Rojas
Co-Chief Scientific Officer

Yolanda Cortes
Chief Financial Officer

Julen Equiza

Andrea Lopez

Carlos Avilés

Melini Karaolani

Marta Ruiz

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