Our locally-produced hops are 100% climate-resilient.


No hops, no beer

Did you know that it is actually hops that give each beer its characteristic flavor?

There are more almost 300 different cultivars and each of them provides different aromas and/or bitterness to the beer.

Production is concentrated in a few countries (US and Germany concentrate more than 80% of global production). Unfortunately, production is under significant threat from climate variations, both in terms of quantity and quality of annual harvests.

Extreme droughts, erratic temperature patterns and generally higher summer temperatures are negatively affecting hops

Reduction in essential oils and alpha-acids due to climate-related stress
Year-on-year yield variations

Fortunately, ekonoke comes to the rescue.
Our locally-produced hops are 100% climate-resilient

100% climate resiliency;
fully reliable production
Customized local growing: any variety in any location, always locally grown
Maximum quality, with optimized aromas and α-acid contents
Sustainably grown, with 95% less water footprint, using only renewable energy
Our hops are grown
pesticide free
Harvest on demand avalaible fresh and dried

Find out how we are making this happen.

How do we bring climate-resilience to hops?