How can we guarantee
climate-resilient hops?


We combine new scientific knowledge and advanced technologies to guarantee optimized results.


Agronomy, biology, chemistry and genetics are combined to develop new knowledge that will unleash viable and sustainable indoor hops growing methods.

Rigorously applying the scientific method we arrive at unique growth recipes that address each of the different parameters involved to optimize quality and quantity per hops cultivar, while guaranteeing the health and respect of plants, people and planet.



Our customized platform ensures absolute control over growing parameters, anticipates any crop deficiencies or (unlikely) pests, automatizes most agricultural tasks and provides a consistent forecast of regular harvests.

We build upon solid industrial quality equipment from our technology partners at SIEMENS, combining IoT and automation to ensure reliable production, replicable anywhere and everywhere in the world.

IoT and automation
Deep learning
Machine learning

Enabled by an energy revolution

The miracle has already happened. The spread and reduced cost of renewable energies is unstoppable. By sourcing hops from Ekonoke, brewers can reduce their hops-related CO₂ footprint by 99%.

Thanks to our proprietary knowledge, we are the world’s pioneer in indoor hops farming.

Check out what we can do for you.

Ekonoke offers you a turnkey solution to guarantee your stable supply of the hops you need.