We were born to ensure a sustainable global and diversified hops production in times of climate change.


We are 21st century farmers.
We are the bearers of good news.

We have come to save the world’s beer. Or at least to make sure that we avoid a world with only boring beer, guaranteeing climate resilience to each and every hop variety in the world, fighting to maintain the biodiversity of this unique crop.

With our Indoor Hops Alliance we are pioneers in proving that it can be done. We combine the scientific knowledge of how to grow healthy and nutritious plants with the technology that allows us to scale up to a global solution.

We recreate sunlight to ensure that the dose is always just right. We drastically reduce water consumption. We control the cultivation in such a way that pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are unnecessary. We always use only renewable energies.

We reproduce the ideal conditions of nature in a controlled environment to ensure that the hops for your beer do not have to travel thousands of kilometers. We guarantee both quantity and quality of harvests.

With the farm next to your brewery you will never be short of your key ingredient. We grow without destroying the ecosystem, saving space. We don’t use any soil at all; we prefer to return soil to nature.

“If every city on earth grew 10% of what it produces indoors, it would allow us to return 340,000 square miles of farmland to the forests.”

Dickson Despommier, the father of vertical farming

We are part of a new generation of farmers that are committed to fixing our food system.

As such, we aim to obtain the maximum value out of the plants we grow, using our waste biomass application in other industries, be it pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packaging or textile.

And we love challenges. We want to be part of the solution. We take up the challenge to produce more with fewer resources.

Out of the more than 300 varieties of hops, which exact organoleptic qualities do you want us to reproduce? What quantities do you require?

What can we do together?